Invest with AI success

AI-Powered Research and Transaction Execution at Your Command

This is how DeFi userS invest

  • ​Snoozed on the exchange news, woke up to a crypto freeze​​
  • FOMO’d in at the peak, now holding bags​
  • Just aped into the wrong liquidity pool, fml
  • Shilled by a moonboy YouTuber, took the L.​
  • That darn bridge got rugged, bruh.


Ultra-High-Net-Worth investors are supported by a team of specialists:​
  • Investment manager
    Supported by researchers suggests how to invest
  • Transaction Assistant
    executes transactions and manages accounts
  • Risk Manager
    Monitors portfolio for risks to prevent loss

Mind the gap?

ElAnn is the smartest guy in the room

Because he:

  • Never sleeps, scans markets and news 24/7/365
  • Sifts through endless research reports in seconds
  • Analyses and deciphers billions of on-chain transactions
  • Digests thousands of YouTube takes daily
  • Catches the pulse of millions of tweets

No human can keep up with Elann!​

ELANN.AI features

  • #1 AI-Based News Analysis

  • #2 AI-Generated Research Reports

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#1 AI-Based News Analysis

Discover ELANN – Your Ultimate Crypto News SUMMARISER

  • ELANN scans around hundreds of global news outlets from Coindesk to Decrypt.
  • Rates articles using 4,000 criteria for quality. Only the best articles make the cut.
  • ELANN crafts tailored summaries. Fun, factual, simple - it's you that decides.
#1 AI-Based News Analysis

SaVe time for what matters

  • No more checking multiple news outlets.
  • No more scrolling for relevant news.
  • No more missing out. Facts in seconds.

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#2 AI-Generated Research Reports

Delegate research to ELANN and get transaction-ready in no time

ELANN delivers real-time, data-driven insights, offering unparalleled accuracy across numerous tokens.

Here's how it works:

  • Choose the asset you want a report on.
  • Select your preferred frequency: daily or weekly.
  • Receive a concise, actionable report.
#2 AI-Generated Research Reports

Take the guesswork out of crypto investing with fact-based reports

We start with comprehensive data, collecting historical and real-time price data from over 100 trusted sources.Our finely tuned Language Model (LLM) transforms raw data into actionable insights, empowering you with real-time market analysis.

Technical mastery is at your fingertips as the LLM dives into price chart patterns, key trends, and market analysis.Beyond numbers, ELANN processes news articles, providing concise summaries and categorizing them by relevance and sentiment.

What users say about ELANN.AI​

Best news aggregator with AI-summaries

Best news aggregator in the whole crypto space.
AI sorts out the noise, brings up only news relevant for me.
Love AI generated short summaries – I get them in my own tone of voice: crypto degen (just who I am :)

Thomas Müller

Best AI-enabled research resource

With ELANN.AI my weekly research is done in 15 min. I pick up my weekly report and everything I need to know is right there, including relevant project updates, research reports and prices. Brilliant!!!

Gennifer Gunter

Forget ChatGPT, take crypto customized ELANN

I tried to use ChatGPT for my crypto research. It’s completely useless. The folks at ELANN input crypto specific data into their model in real-time. This is why it works!

Roger Naf

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